Doug isn't your typical starving artist who spent years on the streets of Brooklyn or Paris selling his sketches for sandwiches and cigarettes. For over 30 years, Doug has sold and built some of the most iconic professional sports stadiums and structures worldwide. He is a U.S. military veteran, former college quarterback/fullback and the infamous "Chicken Wing King".


Doug HATES stupidity and incompetence.  Doug LOVES fishing, live music, and contact sports! Doug is the most intense human you will ever meet. He is well-read, well-traveled, and well-cultured having worked in over 35 countries building 60+ sports stadiums. Lately, though, he's grown frustrated with how society is declining as more and more idiots rise to a position of power and influence. To release his aggression, he's locked himself in his basement, turned up the Dylan and created his own artistic masterpieces using watercolors and raw emotions. His artwork has spread like wildfire among friends and family, and they all agree that the world needs to experience this!  And that's how Watercolors by Doug was born.


Whether Doug is getting inspiration from ripping walleye lips on Lake Erie, sending 12 page emails of high school football stats/highlights, making 15-egg/meat lovers omelets, blasting Neil Young in his truck while rocking a Hawaiian Tommy Bahama shirt in the winter, wearing his "F*ck You" socks to a business meeting, or hosting the annual Chicken Wing Massacre serving up over 1,000 chicken wings to anyone with taste buds, Doug is a true one-of-a-kind living legend and his artwork should be displayed in every home. So, buy a f*cking painting and enjoy the genius of Doug through his artwork.

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